Arcan assists investors with the identification, acquisition, management and disposition of apartment properties through our Investment Management Services.  Arcan's unique approach to operations and management offers investors a vertically integrated operational approach. Investors receive detailed reporting throughout the process and expert onsite property management through Arcan Properties.  This enables investors to get the most transparent investment experience with maximum efficiency.  


Arcan provides property management solutions and services to third party owners through our property management platform, Arcan Properties.  Arcan Properties works with and for investors and owners to maximize their investment with an intensive and holistic approach to on-site management.  Every property is unique and every owner has specific goals.  By understanding and developing a carefully crafted plan to achieve these goals, Arcan delivers superior performance.



Arcan's private equity funds provide an opportunity for investors to make investments in various apartment properties through a single fund investment which mirrors our overall approach to real estate investing.


Most of our acquisitions require rehab and renovation.  Through our property management platform, Arcan Properties, we offer these services to third party owners.  Beginning with due diligence, strategic planning and follow through, we can create and complete a rehab and renovation program catered to any budget to drive additional revenue and add long term value.