The Arcan Properties management platform combines our experience and expertise as an owner-operator of apartment properties in secondary and tertiary markets with the deep local knowledge that is vital to the success of every apartment community. Arcan Properties and its third party management services delivers the efficiency, professionalism and integrity with which we manage our own assets to other investors and asset managers. We exclusively manage multifamily assets and do so for many different owners, including high net worth individuals, private equity and financial institutions.

Our engagement to add value and maximize the potential of each property begins with an in-depth and comprehensive review of past performance and practices.  We then work with the investor to develop a carefully crafted strategic plan for future operational improvement and maximum efficiencies. This often includes the redevelopment of property identity and branding, a change or overhaul of prior management practices, talent education and a total commitment to revenue and expense management.  

Through our robust services infrastructure, we then follow through with the plan and implement a highly disciplined and process driven approach to create consistent and professional operations at each and every property.  Arcan Properties brings the structure, professionalism and modern techniques used in the finest class A assets to every asset we manage. This distinguishes our properties from their competition and enables them to outperform. 

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