We are dedicated to providing investors with superior returns and capital appreciation through the entire life cycle of ownership of apartment properties.  Beginning with property identification and acquisition, through management, operation and, ultimately, property disposition, we are focused on creating value through active management and a rigorous dedication to strategy.  

Our investors include high net worth individuals, private partnerships and equity, foundations, financial institutions and others.  We seek out quality investment opportunities that meet our criteria at steep discounts to replacement cost.  Our criteria includes a focus on well located but underperforming A-, B and C class apartment properties in secondary and tertiary markets. We then improve those properties through a combination of fresh and intensive management and by taking advantage of every opportunity to unlock and add value.

As a careful steward of investor capital, Arcan believes that returns should be maximized and risk should be minimized. This is accomplished through the development of a comprehensive strategy. Economic and market conditions fluctuate, but through our unique investment approach Arcan is prepared to weather the potential storms and take advantage of opportunistic market cycles. Our approach focuses on (i) acquisitions of quality properties below replacement cost, (ii) well located assets with opportunity to add value, (iii) appropriate, but conservative, levels of leverage, and (iv) intensive, but disciplined, management.

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