Arcan Capital is a privately held real estate company focused on the acquisition and management of apartment properties throughout the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and South-Central United States.  Our clients include private partnerships, foundations, high net worth individuals, wealth advisors and family offices.

We seek to acquire quality apartment properties that meet our criteria at discounts to replacement cost.  Our criteria for both investment and management includes a focus on well located but underperforming A-, B and C class apartment properties in secondary and tertiary markets. We then improve those properties through a combination of fresh and intensive management and by taking advantage of every opportunity to unlock and add value.

Our approach results in solid returns to our investors and improved performance for our third party management owners.  We seek out opportunities and expect our properties to produce solid and consistent cash flow during medium to long-term ownership (5-10+ years), and significant capital appreciation at the time of disposition.

We find that our approach affords us an opportunity to unleash our expertise and deploy our informational advantages in the less crowded field between larger institutional and smaller local investors.  Our goal is to fly under the radar to go where some investors won't and others can't. We seek to provide quality, in-demand apartment homes that allow residents to move up or down the market rent ladder as external market forces and economic conditions fluctuate over time.

It is our belief that successful investing in apartment properties requires the right acquisition at the right price, intensive and targeted management, the unlocking of value at every opportunity and a carefully crafted and evolving exit strategy. However, we never forget that we are, first and foremost, a service business.  It is this understanding that constantly drives us to provide the highest level of service to our residents, investors, third party property owners and team members.

It is our humble opinion that by focusing on service, we will create the highest possible value for our investors and third party owners, the best possible living experience for our residents and the most positive and rewarding work environment for our team members.

We hold ourselves to a simple mission:  Create exceptional returns for investors by providing exceptional homes to our residents.